ProGram is a center for both research and education. Read about our educational activities on this page.

MA course in Aphasiology SPRING 2016.

During the spring semester of 2016, we offer the course Aphasiology. The course is aimed at master's students from audiologopedics and linguistics and is offered as a 7.5 or 15 ECTS master's elective course.

Read more about the course Aphasiology on the official web page of the course.

MA course in Neurolinguistics FALL 2014

In the fall semester of 2014 we offered the MA course Neurolinguistics. The course was aimed at, but not limited to, students from the following programmes:

  • MA in Linguistics at KU
  • MA in Audiologopedics at KU or SDU
  • MA in Psychology at KU
  • MA in IT & Cognition at KU
  • MA in Danish Studies at KU

Read more about the course here.

Also, see the official course website: http://kurser.ku.dk/course/hdaa03629u/2014-2015

Supervision of students (ongoing)

The researchers in ProGram gladly supervise students writing their BA project, master's thesis or other projects.

Please contact the individual researchers if you are a student interested in supervision of a project or a thesis or if you want to see our list of suggestions for projects.

The researchers of ProGram have supervised the following projects and theses:

  • Katrine Falcon Søby, master's thesis in Linguistics about musicians and mental rotation.
  • Sofia Kronborg Jønck & Anestis Kapandais, bachelor's project in Audiologopedics about quantative analyses of syntax and morphology.

  • Sarah Rosenbech Nielsen, bachelor project in Linguistics: An acoustic analysis of lexical and grammatical verbs prosodic prominence.
  • Marija Medeisyte, master's thesis in IT & Cognition about analyzing EEG data from linguistic experiments.

  • Marie Herget Christensen, master's thesis in Linguistics about attention to promiment and non-prominent grammatical and lexical words in written Danish.